Dubuque Area Labor Management Council
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Dubuque Area Labor Management Council
About Us
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Strategic Plan
30th Annual Campaign
Board of Directors
Strategic Plan
MISSION STATEMENT (revised February 14, 2019)
Our mission is to promote and maintain a constructive labor-management environment through workforce development, education, retention and new business attraction. We provide a forum to improve and expand labor-management collaboration in the private and public sector within the tri-state area.
Goal 1: Achieve financial sustainability and to prioritize our activities to accomplish our mission
  • Objective 1: Increase the Dubuque Area Labor-Management Council's membership numbers by
    networking and partnering with community organizations
  • Objective 2: Seek current and additional grant funding and other financial opportunities
  • Objective 3: Continue to develop a five-year financial campaign (2019-2024)
Goal 2: Continue and expand educational programs offered to students and DALMC members
  • Objective 1: Establish DALMC as a resource to promote opportunities for education and
    continuing education in the tri-state area
  • Objective 2: Maintain and promote labor-management history
Goal 3: Create a labor-management environment that has a positive impact on economic development
  • Objective 1: Support the Alliance for Construction Excellence
  • Objective 2: Promote and support workforce development for skilled trades
  • Objective 3: Support legislation that leads to positive economic development
  • Objective 4: Create more awareness of the DALMC and its members (in person)
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