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DALMC Awards 2021
Tuesday, November 23, 2021
The Dubuque Area Labor-Management Council hosts an annual awards banquet to honor those that have demonstrated excellence in labor-management relations, cooperation and safety.
Nominees are evaluated according to how well the committees, groups or individuals promote the core values of labor-management cooperation: trust, respect, open communication, mutual understanding, participation, responsibility, education, problem-solving and openness to change.
All nominations will need to be submitted by Friday, October 22, 2021.
2021 Nomination Forms
2019 Bob Bennett Good Faith Recipients
Jesus Aviles
Q Casino
Joe Henry
AFSCME Local 2843
2019 Labor-Management Community Service Award Recipient
Marty Schiessl
A&G Electric and IBEW Local 704
2019 Alliance for Construction Excellence Safety Award
Westphal & Company IBEW Local 704
2019 Labor-Management Excellence
Dustin Bindert
Cedar Valley Steel and Iron Workers Local 89
Justin Graham
Tri-State Crane and Rigging and
Operating Engineers Local 150
Casey Klosterman
Cedar Valley Steel and Iron Workers Local 89
Adam Splinter
Black Hills Energy and IBEW Local 204
Andy Thein
Tri-State Crane and Rigging and
Operating Engineers Local 234
Josh Weber
Portzen Construction and Carpenters Local 678
Jason Wernimont
Portzen Construction and Laborers Local 43
Justin Wernimont
Portzen Construction and Laborers Local 43
2019 Labor-Management Excellence in Student Engagement
Portzen Construction Carpenters Local 678
The Dubuque Area Labor-Management Council was formed to help unions and employers work together and to promote the principles of constructive labor relations. The awards program publicly recognizes and appreciates individuals (the "Great Job Honor Roll") and labor-management committees (the "Labor-Management Honor Roll") exemplifying one or more of the principles of collaboration in their daily work. These guiding principles are:
  1. Participation
  2. Openness to change
  3. Respect
  4. Communication
  5. Honesty
  6. Responsibility
  7. Trust
  8. Education
  9. Mutual Understanding
Please make a point of contacting or meeting with your labor-relations counterpart to consult about this sometime in the next few days. Together, please consider nominating one or more individuals or groups to be recognized at the Awards Banquet on Tuesday, November 20, 2012. Nominations are reviewed on their own merit and are not in "competition" with other nominations. The only "cost" associated with this is the banquet dinner tickets to be paid by the nominating employer and/or union.
Questions to ask yourself while evaluating potential nominations include:
  • How do the individuals (for example, a steward or supervisor) or labor-management committee help to maintain or improve the labor-management relationship in your workplace?
  • Do the individuals or committee exemplify one or more of the above principles in their daily work?
  • What accomplishments have been achieved in the recent past that one or more individuals/groups deserve recognition for?
Using one of the forms enclosed, please describe the reasons that the individual(s) or group you are nominating merit recognition. This may be what the committee, he or she has done on a specific project or task or what the committee, he or she does on a regular basis as part of their daily work.
Use concrete examples wherever possible. For committees or teams, please include the names and positions of all individuals involved, and a summary of the groupís efforts and accomplishments to date.
Examples of committees nominated in the past include: quality improvement committees, safety committees, employee assistance committees, health care/insurance committees, worker transition committees, training and education committees, task forces which implemented new products, services or processes, and standing labor-management committees which address workplace issues as they arise. Other groups may also qualify. If you wish, I can provide you with a poster you can put up which solicits recommendations from your employees and/or members.
Please note: There are separate forms for individuals ("Great Job Honor Roll") and committees ("Labor-Management Honor Roll"). Recommendations for nomination should be approved and processed through you, the organizationís representative to the Labor-Management Council. Contact Kelly Cooper at kellycooper@dalmc.net or at 582-8804 if you have any questions.
After nominations have been received, the Awards Committee will contact you to review your nomination with you and schedule a site visit to meet with committees that are nominated. Nominations of individuals are approved without a site visit. Thank you for your prompt and careful consideration.
Bob Bennett "Good Faith Award"
Bob Bennett is a retired Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service commissioner who served the Dubuque area for many years. Bob has outlined for us the meaning of "good faith" in labor relations.
"Good faith is demonstrated by earning the trust of others — establishing your integrity by keeping your word — keeping an open mind — and being patient as well as flexible. Having a desire to reach an accommodation that is best for all. Having a sense of humor and being able to laugh at yourself."
The award honors one individual connected with a union (labor) and one individual connected with an employer (management) for a particularly important endeavor or for their work over an extended period of time (e.g., a lifetime or career, or their tenure with a specific organization).
Anyone working at or retired from a place of employment with a collective bargaining agreement in Dubuque, JoDaviess or Grant Counties is eligible for nomination. Top executives, middle management and front-line employees (anyone) may be considered. Recipients are based on her or his example in:
  1. Practicing good faith in labor-management relations;
  2. Working for a better community.
Past recipients:
Mike Portzen (Portzen Construction)
Tom Townsend (IBEW Local 704)
Larry McDermott (McDermott Excavating)
Joel Miller (Dubuque Education Association)
Craig Breitbach (Cedar Valley Steel, Inc.)
Jim Flogel (Carpenters Local 678)
Rick Ackley (A&G Electric)
Dave George (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 204)
Dr. Liang Chee Wee (Northeast Iowa Community College)
John Rosenthal (Teamsters Local 120)
John O'Connor (Kloeckner Metals)
Bruce Davis (UAW Local 94)
Mary Lursen (UniServ)
Joe Hanson (John Deere)
Tom Flynn (Flynn Ready-Mix Company)
Dan White (UAW Local 94)
Dave Baker (Teamsters, Local 120)
Cindy Gunther (Alliant Energy)
Bob Runde (Machinist Local 1238)
Ron Wiegman (John Deere Dubuque Works)
Merle Duehr (United Steelworkers of America Local 1861-U)
Randy Peck (City of Dubuque)
Dan Hammel (IBEW Local 704)
Jim Schrempf (John Deere Dubuque Works)
Jim Feehan (United Steelworkers of America Local 1861-U)
Darlene Millard (Sunnycrest Manor)
Nick Lucy (Communication Workers of America Local 7110)
Charles Naylor (FDL Foods)
Jim Waller (United Auto Workers Local 940)
Joe Carew (Myers-Cox Company)
Melvin Maas (United Food and Commercial Workers Local 150A)
Michael Stohlmeyer (John Deere Dubuque Works)
Don Roby (Northeast Iowa Community College)
Bill Herrig (Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 66)
Jan Hess (County of Dubuque)
Pat Dillon (United Auto Workers Local 94)
Milt Avenarius (Paulson Electric Company)
Bill Delaney (Teamsters Local 421)
Donald Meyers (United Food And Commercial Workers Local 150 A)
Ken Townsend (Barnstead/ Thermolyne Company)
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